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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

All courses have physical and academic components. It is designed to build and increase the physical strength, flexibility, rhythm, coordination, and body alignment necessary for all dancers. It is also designed to allow students to gain an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the contributions of dance in today's society through studying the history, terminology, styles and techniques, composition, and career opportunities of dance. The National Dance Standards and the Georgia Performance Standards for dance will be used to make every effort to expose students to a variety of uses of dance. 

1st Semester Focus: will include the rigor of ballet technique and dance history education.  Each student will work diligently on technique in ballet, modern, jazz and ethnic types of dance genres while simultaneously obtaining dance history and lineage behind the specific genres that are being introduced. 2nd Semester Focus: will continue the rigor of the technique training, however, more time will primarily be devoted to performance and preparation of choreography. We will strive to grow as a department and as individual artists. I am looking forward to working with each student this year on your development both artistically, creatively, and holistically!

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