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Maynard Jackson High Chorus

"Music is the strongest form of magic."

                                                                                                 Mission Statement


  • To pursue high standards of musical expression.

  • To motivate students to perform quality musical literature.

  • To inspire students to seek future college and career opportunities.

  • To encourage students to be individuals.

  • To empower students to create original music.

  • To provide musical opportunities that enrich the lives of students to inspire a new appreciation of  music.

  • To provide students with diverse extracurricular music organizations and musical experiences. 

Our Story

The philosophy of the choral and music technology department is to provide its students with many opportunities for creativity, selfexpression, and intellectual growth through the study of music and performance. Theses experiences allow aesthetic development, as well as an appreciation of music and the arts at the highest level possible through musical experience.

We offer 

Intro to Music Technology

IB Music


Mixed Chorus


Crimson and Gold Show Choir Glee Club

Jackson Music Tech Collective

Fine Arts Diploma Seal

Students with 3-4 years of Chorus

Community Service

Final Senior Performance

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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