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"Music Is Our Love"

The Band Program here at Maynard Jackson High School encompasses the spirit of music and camaraderie. We have a storied history of excellence. With our concert band earning superior ratings at LGPE, and our marching band performing regularly at events, parades, football games, and more, we have travelled far and wide to spread their talent and ceremonial sounds.

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What We Offer


Beginning Band - This class is meant for those who have no experience at all with band instruments. We learn the basics of how to read music, find an instrument that best suits the student, and go over all fundamental components of playing that instrument successfully. This group typically performs 1-2 times during a school year. 

Intermediate Band - This class is meant for those who have 1-3 years of experience with band instruments. We further develop our skills by reading slightly more challenging music and diving deeper into individual instrumental pedagogy. This group typically performs 2-3 times during a school year. 

Advanced Band - This class is meant for those who have 4 or more years of experience with band instruments, and is our top concert ensemble. This is where the most advanced students are musically enriched through challenging music and more advanced instrumental pedagogy. This group typically performs 3-5 times during a school year.


Marching Band - This is the place where musical excellence and tradition are combined. Through hard work and dedication, the Marching Jaguars have rightfully earned their reputation as a leading High School Marching Band from the east-Atlanta area. Comprising talented instrumentalists and masterful marchers, the true magic of their collaborative efforts shines through with each and every performance.

Jazz Band - This ensemble eagerly takes on the challenge of the unique and creative style of jazz. The students in this ensemble get opportunities to express themselves creatively through improvisation, while learning the deep history of the genre and playing some super fun tunes.

Meet The Director

Jelan Bulger - B.M.Ed

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